Reference lists


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerYearType of work
681      C 6319 – MSC LuxuryFincantieri2019Development of Main Scantling Plan and associeted documentation
677M/Y 65 m EXPConfidential2019Multidisciplinary Feasibility Study and Exterior Design
675S/Y 90 mPerini Navi2019Multidisciplinary Feasibility Study
674Subsea Retrieval FrameRANA Diving2019Feasibility and Detail design of a TBM lifting frame
673M/Y OdysseyFelham Enterprises       2019Structural and Fuctional consultancy for refitting
672SLS 18062San Lorenzo2019Basic and Detail Structural Design documents update
669C.6278Fincantieri2019Structural Detail Design
668SY 111m C.2411Confidential2019Multidisciplinary Feasibility Study
667Explorer Cruise Vessel 23000 GT    Mariotti2019Detail and Production Enineering of Hull Structures
666MY 70mCRN2019Multidisciplinary Basic and Detail Design
665SY 42m C.2399Perini Navi2019Multidisciplinary Basic and Detail Design


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerYearType of work
664Windstar RefittingFincantieri2018Multidisciplinary basic design for ship lengthening
663C.6274 – CunardFincantieri2018Structural Classification Drawings
659Toulmount Field Development Basis Engineering2018WCR & Weight Control Procedure
658Zabazaba FPSOBHGE2018Topside Modules Structural Feasibility
656Cable Layer PrismanVard2018HVAC One Line Diagrams
655Windstar RefittingFincantieri2018Feasibility for ship lengthening
654WP Luxury FerryConfidential2018Concept Design
653Block Module Structural Analysis UpdateBHGE2018Structural Calculation
652C.6288 – Ripetuta VirginFincantieri2018Detailed Engineering
650InterceptorGDF2018Basic Design
648C.6306 – MSC EvoFincantieri2018Structural Classification Drawings
647TEH TYRA – MAERSK LIVING QUARTERBasis Engineering2018WCR & Weight Control Procedure
646MY 107/100 metersConfidential2018Concept Design
645Silver Spirit RenderFincantieri2018Consultancy – Rendering and Animation
644Gowanous Generating Station – Power BargeBHGE2018Feasibility Study
643SY 42 m 2371 – Perini naviPerini Navi2018Basic and detail Design
642SY 47 m 2369 – Perini NaviPerini Navi2018Basic and detail Design
641Vard 6 17 hvac basic design for accomodationVard2018HVAC Consultancy
640Cruise Roma – ship lenghteningFincantieri2018Basic Design
639Pontone URSUSAutorità Portuale (TS)2018Complete refitting design of hull and crane foundation
638Cruise Vessel 50.000 GTConfidential2018Concept Design


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDeliveryType of work
637M/Y The WellesleyChief officer Daniel King2017Owner Consultancy
636GEOG_BlockBaker Hughes2017Consultancy – Sea Transportation Fatigue Calculation
635MY 62 metri – San Lorenzo (ripetuta)San Lorenzo2017Basic Design and Detailed Engineering
634Falcon Taxi 40SAFWA Marine2017Basic design for Dubai presentation
633Falcon Taxi 18SAFWA Marine2017Basic design for Dubai presentation
632Zuiderdam cracks repairFincantieri2017Structural Consultancy
6310500405 Kashagan – TUCO buildingBHGE2017Structural Calculation
630C.2239 Refitting Sailing Yacht – Saling Plan ModificationPerini Navi2017Refitting – Basic Design
629SY 47 m – Perini NaviPerini Navi2017Basic Design
628G-Adventure explorerConfidential2017Ship Owner Consultancy
627REVVARD2017Giga Yacht – Consultancy
626Offshore Patrol VesselConfidential2017Concept Design
625Drilling barge HP1500Fincantieri Oil & Gas2017Concept Design
624MSC SplendidaFincantieri2017Cruise Ship Refitting – Basic Design
623Cruise RomaFincantieri2017RORO PAX Lenghtening – Feasibility Study
622Polar Explorer Yard SupportVARD2017On site Electrical Consultancy
621Silver Spirit – Ship LenghteningFincantieri2017Basic Design
620Hapag Lloyd – HVAC consulenzaVARD2017Cruise Ship – HVAC Consultancy
619Carnival VictoryFincantieri2017Cruise Ship Refitting Basic Design
617HAL WesterdamFincantieri2017Cruise Ship Refitting Basic Design
616C.6287 – Virgin Ex FunzionaliFincantieri2017Oufitting Design
615Explorer Cruise VesselConfidential2017Feasibility Study
614Ocean VictoryFincantieri2017Feasibility Study
613Seadream Cruise Luxury VesselVARD2017Concept Design
612Allungamento navi FinlinesFincantieri2017Basic Design
611Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) 25 metersConfidential2017Feasibility Study


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
610Wave Piercing VesselConfidentialDefenceConcept design2016
599FB272 – MY 95 mBenettiYachtStructural Detailed Engineering2016
596HIFOG Marioff ModuleMarioffOil&GasDetailed Engineering2016
594Ponant – 10.000 GT Cruise VesselVardMarineBasic Design2016-2017
591Unmanned VehicleConfidentialDefenceConcept – Basic and Detailed Engineering2016-2018
589MA – RO/RO PaxConfidentialMarineRefitting Concept Design – Ship Lengthening2016
588HIFOG Marioff Module GE FranceMarioffOil&GasDetailed Engineering2016
586MY AltairDiego Della ValleYachtRefitting Concept Design2016
584C.2025 – SY 53 m JasaliPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtBasic Design – Refitting2016
583EPC Module Process OptimizationNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasConsultancy2016
581HAL OosterdamFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2016
579SS – Cruise VesselConfidentialMarineRefitting Concept Design – Ship Lengthening2016
578C.6278 – Virgin 110.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineMain Routing Plan – Structural & Piping Detailed Eng.2016-2017


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
577Blue DenimesFincantieri YachtsYachtConcept Design – Yacht Lengthening2015
575Semisubmergible Pontoon ConversionFincantieriOil&GasConcept Design2015
574MY Chopi ChopiTRSYachtBasic and Detailed Engineering – Project Management2015-2016
571MY 88 m – Passenger YachtConfidentialYachtConcept Design2015
570Carnival Splendor RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
569C.6260 – LHDFincantieriDefenceMain Scantling Plan – Structural Classification Drawings2015-2017
568Carnival Victory RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
567Mini Pax 27 metriNavigazione Lago d’IseoMarineConcept Design – Owner Surveyors2015
565C,6259 – LSSFincantieriDefenceStructural Scantling Plan2015-2017
564CNG CarrierFincantieriOil&GasConcept Design2015
562Maple Leaf LNG Compressor ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasStructural Feasibility Study2015
561C.6255 – PolarFincantieriMarineStructural Detailed Engineering2015
560HAL Nieuw Amsterdam RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
559HAL Eurodam RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
558MY 142 mConfidentialYachtStructural 3D model2015
557Fast Patrol Boat 38 mConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
556Diving Support VesselConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
555NGMV 60 mConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
554Ptrol Vessel 1500 tonsConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
553Patrol Vessel 600 tonsConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
552MSC MusicaFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
551Mine HunterFincantieriDefenceConcept Design2015
550HAL – Zuiderdam RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
549C.6256 – MSC 154.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineStructural Classification Drawings2015
547MSC MusicaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design2015


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
545C.2239 – Perini NaviPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtSailing Yacht Keel Design and Detailed Engineering2014
548Patrol Boat 42 mEffebiDefenceConcept Design2014
544Fst Patrol VesselConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2014
542Corvette QatarFincantieriDefenceConcept Design2014
540Corvette Bani YasFincantieriDefenceConcept Design2014
538Pacific LNG – Lelu IslandNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasStructural Feasibility Study2014
536C.6250 – 54.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineBasic Design Ventilation Plan – Structural Detailed Eng.2014
534ZADCO GTG ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasStructural and Piping Detailed Engineering2014
531C.6251 – Seaburn 40.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineMain Scantling Plan and Structural Classification Drawings2014
529MSC OperaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design – Ship Lengthening2014
528MSC SinfoniaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design – Ship Lengthening2014


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
527MSC ArmoniaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design – Ship Lengthening2013
526MSC LiricaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design – Ship Lengthening2013
525Flute System for JLT SAIPEM 7000GorizianeOil&GasStructural Design2013
524AHT BraveheartBarry TowageOil&GasStability Calculation & Instruction for the Master2013
522Drilling Ship CastorFincantieriOil&GasFeasibility Study2013
520MSC Reinasance ProgramFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2013
516Cruise Vessel Carnival FreedomFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2013
513LNG Turbocompressor Train ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasStructural Feasibility Study2013
511Fauza Elettra PlatformBasis Engineering/Rosetti GroupOil&GasWeight Control Report2013
510Marlin PlatformBasis Engineering/Rosetti GroupOil&GasWeight Control Report2013
508C. 6239 – RO/RO PAXFincantieriMarineFEM analysis2013
507Air Compressor Skid ModuleIngersoll RandOil&GasStructural Design2013
505Browse LNG MR ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasFeasibility Study2013
502IKA JZ PlatformBasis Engineering/Rosetti GroupOil&GasWeight Control Report2012
501MY 100 metersConfidentialYachtRefitting – Concept design2013


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
502IKA JZ PlatformBasis Engineering/Rosetti GroupOil&GasWeight Control Report2012
500Smart Drill ShipFincantieriOil&GasFeasibility Study2012
499C. 6223 – Carnival 140.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineConstruction Monitoring2012
496Clipper PlatformBasis Engineering/Rosetti GroupOil&GasWeight Control Report2012
495HAL – Nordaam RefittingFincantieriOil&GasRefitting Basic Design2012
494C.108Rosetti MarinoOil&GasLaunching Calculation2012
492X-Drilling ShipFincantieriOil&GasTechnical Specification Analysis; Weight Estimation2012
490Heavy lift semi-submersible non propelled unitFincantieriOil&GasFunctional Design2012
489Cruise vessel Carnival GloryFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design2012
488Cruise vessel Carnival ConquestFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design2012
485ARROW PG ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasFeasibility Study2012
482SY 69 metersPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtStructural Scantling Plans, FEM Analysis, Outfitting, Workshop Drawings2012
481MY 172,5 metersFincantieri YachtsYachtStructural Scantling Plans, FEM Analysis, Outfitting2012
480ZADCO GTG ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasFeasibility Study2012-2014
479Mine HunterCSBCDefenceConcept Design2012
478Shell PlatformBasis Engineering/Rosetti GroupOil&GasWeight Control Report


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
475Power Generation Modules – PetronasNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasFeasibility Study2011
474Cruise vessel – MSC SplendidaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design2011
472Cruise vessel Carnival DestinyFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design2011
470Supply VesselRosetti MarinoOil&GasLaunching Calculation2011
469MY 65 metersISA Produzioni / Ancona ItalyYachtStructural Design + Outfitting + Workshop drawings2011
467Xpedition CelebrityFincantieriYachtFeasibility Study2011
466MY 60 metersCRNYachtNoise prediction and insulation plan2011
465C.2218 – SY 60 mPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtStructural Design and FEM analysis2011
464MY 73 MCRNYachtBasic and Detailed Engineering – Noise and Vibration2011
462Ice Class BargeAKCOOil&GasAFT modification2011
461Power Generation e Mechanical Drive ModulesNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasBasic Design and Detailed Engineering2011
456Mobby TommyMoby LinesMarineFEM analysis2011
455My TatooshFraser YachtsYachtShaft line analysis and calculation2011
454Cruise Vessel CostaCosta CrociereMarineFEM analysis2011
452C.2193 – S/Y 60 mPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtStern Door Basic and Detailed Design2011
451Multi Porpouse Off-Shore Rescue VesselConfidentialDefenceBasic Design2011
447C.2193 – S/Y 60 mPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtStructural Design and FEM analysis2011
446B-193 Process Platform ProjectCOMARTOil&GasFeasibility Study2011
442MSC FantasiaFincantieriMarineRefitting Design2011


Proj. n.Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
231M/Y 120ftISA Produzioni / Ancona ItalyYachtArrangement executive drawings2004
229Chemical Carrier 11.000 DWTNuovi Cantieri Apuania / Carrara ItalyMarineStructural construction drawings2004
228M/Y 58m.ISA Produzioni / Ancona ItalyYachtBasic Design , Functional Design, Constr. drawings2004
223M/Y 73m.FincantieriYachtBasic Design2004
221M/Y Expedition 56m.FincantieriYachtBasic Design2004
219Cruise Vessel – C.6122Fincantieri / Trieste ItalyMarineFuntional Design, Construction drawings2004
214Surveying PAXInterna / Udine ItalyMarineSurveying2004
213M/Y 54m.Interna/ Udine ItalyYachtArrangement executive drawings2004
211TUG PegasusGiuliana Bunkeraggi / Trieste ItalyMarineBasic Design2004
210Barge Power GenerationNuovo Pignone/ItalyOil&GasBasic Design2004
204RO/RO PAX 5400 DWT – C.6116 (Moby Lines)Fincantieri/Trieste ItalyMarineStructural classification plans2004
209M/Y 38m.CNT Shipyard / Pisa ItalyYachtBasic Design2003
208M/Y 65m.Meccano EngineeringYachtBasic Design2003
202M/Y 54mCRN Shipyard / Ancona ItalyYachtVibration/Noise analysis2003
200RGI ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasBasic Design – Consultancy2003
197M/Y 118mFincantieriYachtConsultancy for Basic Design and Tender2003
195Double Skin Bulk Carrier Capsize – 180.000 DWTBureau Veritas – MeccanoMarineBasic Design2003
192M/Y 60m.CRN Shipyard / Ancona ItalyYachtWeight estimation2003
190M/Y 38m.ConfidentialYachtBasic Design2003
188Cable Layer “Pertinacia”Elettra / Roma ItalyMarineOutfitting Design2003
187FB230 – Upper deckAzimut Benetti / Viareggio ItalyYachtVibration analysis2003
183Pleasure Yacht 36mC.B.I. Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtBasic Design2003
176Pleasure Yacht 33,7 m. – CBN40C.B.I. Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtBasic Design, Noise and Vibration calculation2003
163Open Sailing Yacht 78′MeteorYachtCarbon structure and kanting keel structure2003
175Molten Sulpher CarrierConfidentialMarineBasic Design2002
171Sailing Yacht 43 m – C. 2055Perini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtGlobal static analysis2002
170RO/RO containerConfidentialMarineBasic Design2002
165Pleasure Yacht 63,5 m. – FB233Azimut Benetti / Viareggio ItalyYachtStructural classification plans,2002
148M/Yacht Numptia – C.113CRN Shipyard / Ancona ItalyYachtStatic analysis2001
147TUG – Supply Vessel – C.113ISA Produzioni / Ancona ItalyMarineBasic Design2001
141Mainmast – C.6075Fincantieri / Trieste ItalyMarineVibration analysis2001
140RO/RO PAX HyundaiRINA / Genova ItalyMarineVibration analysis2001
136Pleasure Yacht – FB220Azimut Benetti / Viareggio ItalyYachtShaftline Vibration analysis2001
135Pleasure Yacht 38 m.ConfidentialYachtStructural classification plans2001
131Pleasure Yacht 50 m. – CBN39C.B.I. Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtBasic Design – Detailed engineering2001
129Pleasure Yacht 38 m.C.B.I. Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtBasic Design2001
124Sailing Yacht 55.5 m.Perini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtGlobal static analysis2001
121RO/RO Passenger vessel – C.6081Fincantieri/Trieste ItalyMarineProject coordination2001
126Coastal Tuna Purse SeiningC.N.R./ Venezia ItalyMarineBasic Design2000
121Pleasure Yacht 50 m. – FB226Azimut Benetti / Viareggio ItalyYachtVibration analysis2000
120RO/RO PAX 7000 DWTCantieri Navali F.lli Orlando / Livorno ItalyMarineBasic Design – Structural classification plans2000
118Pleasure Yacht 32 m. – CBN37CBINavi / Viareggio ItalyYachtVibration/Noise analysis2000
118Pleasure Yacht CBN34CBINavi / Viareggio ItalyYachtVibration/Noise measures2000
110Mast – C.6065Fincantieri / Trieste ItalyMarineVibration analysis2000
107RO/RO Passenger vessel – C.6073 (Minoan Lines)Fincantieri / Trieste ItalyMarineMidship section – Project mng.- Static/Vibr. Analysis2000
105Passenger Ship Costa Classica LenghteningRINA / Genova ItalyMarineStatic/Vibration analysis2000
104Tourist Ferry Boat RRO-RRO GianoRINA / Genova ItalyMarineVibration analysis2000
101RO/RO Passenger vessel 8000 DWT – C.1220Nuovi Cantieri Apuania / Carrara ItalyMarineStructural classification plans (partial)2000
100Chemical Carriers 26500 DWT – C.277Cantieri Navali F.lli Orlando / Livorno ItalyMarineBasic Design – Classification plans (partial)2000
093RO/RO Container vessel 11000 DWTCantieri Navali F.lli Orlando / Livorno ItalyMarineBasic Design2000
084RO/RO PAX 5000 DWTCantieri Navali F.lli Orlando / Livorno ItalyMarineBasic Design2000
078RO/RO Passenger vessel – C.6059 (Minoan Lines)Fincantieri / Trieste ItalyMarineProject coordination2000