Reference lists


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerYearType of work
Bouri Field WRCRosetti Marino2023Weight Control Procedure and Monthly Reports
C.6333 towing tank testsMSC2023Consulting from Owner side on hull optimisations
P.8773 Luxury Explorer Fincantieri2023Development of precontractual NAPA Steel model for weight estimation
C.6362Fincantieri2023Development of Main Scatling Plans and Macroareas of Ro-Ro Ferry for Siremar
Pax river boatTurin Municipality2023Exterior design and bid multidisciplinary project
GNV La SuperbaFincantieri2023Repair and scrapping analysis with weight estimation and calcs
Crystal EndeavorCrystal Cruises2023Consulting activity on design optimisation
Ex2399 (Perini Navi)Torquoise yachts2023Structural verifications and development of detail outfitting drawings after
changes on the Sail plan
C.6354Fincantieri2023NAPA Steel model update and weight extraction
Crystal Serenety and SymphonyFincantieri2023Update of safety and electrical drawings for the refitting of the two ships
Project SAMAT.Mariotti – Studio Engineering2023Development of complete engineering package from basic to detail design,
support on procurement expediting, technical support to vendors and
C.6316 – Pla scafoFincantieri2023Detail structural engineering
C.6311Fincantieri2023Detail structural engineering


Name of Project or Yard Number Customer Year Type of work
C.6321Fincantieri2022NAPA model update and weight extraction
Inclining Test EVRIMARina Consulting2022Support during Inclining Experiment
605 S/Y 47 mt (PN2369)The Italian Sea Group2022Hull blocks modifications after change of ownership
C.6321 – MZ01-04-02-06Fincantieri2022Classification Drawings
Unità addestrativa GdFCRN2022Feasibility Study
C.6312Fincantieri2022Detail structural engineering
C.6321Fincantieri2022NAPA Steel model update and weight extraction
C.144 – M/Y 85mCRN2022Multidisciplinary basic and detailed design
C.6300Fincantieri2022Detail structural engineering
C.6320Fincantieri2022Detail structural engineering
C.6300Fincantieri2022NAPA Steel model update and weight extraction
C.131 – M/Y 52mTankoa2022Multidisciplinary basic and detailed design


Name of Project or Yard Number Customer Year Type of work
Weight Survey Jasali IIBURGESS2021Weight survey
RSY Aggiornamento SchemiRSY2021P&IDs update for a 38m M/Y
Luxury Cruise shipT.Mariotti – Studio Engineering2021Development of preliminary multidisciplinary design
InterceptorCantiere Navale Vittoria2021General technical assistance
C.124 LNG BargeRosetti Marino2021Launch analysis
C.6316Fincantieri2021Development of Classification Drawings
UWHP WCRRosetti Marino2021Weight Control Management
C.6310Fincantieri2021Detail structural engineering
BH_MMS ModuleConfidential2021 Structural module design and modelling
Unità di Altura Multiruolo (UAM)Cantiere Navale Vittoria2021Technical support for basic design and development of detailed design
C.6304Fincantieri2021Detail structural engineering
Metsuyan IV consultingMetsuyan2021Inclining test management
SLS16062 & SLS17062San Lorenzo2021Detail design and revision of scatling plans
FSU CCL Grey Water System UpdateFincantieri Services USA2021As-Built developments of ship P&IDs
OPV Marina AzerbaijanCantiere Navale Vittoria2021General Arrangement and Rendering
Pipe stress analysis SIOT CormonsTess srl2021Pipe stress analysis
C.6319Fincantieri2021Detail structural engineering
Ambriabella RefittingConfidential2021Aged 58m passenger ship revamping pre-feasibility analysis
VARD 2370-993VARD2021Multidisciplinary basic design
Prefeasibility LengtheningFincantieri2021Consulting – preliminary feasibility for a cruise ship
M/Y 80mConfidential2021Consulting – engineering support for exterior design development
C.125 – Tug launching analysisRosetti Marino2021Consulting – launch analysis, stability assessment and weight control
C.1509Fincantieri2021Development of Main Scantling Plan
C.124 – LNG Bunker BargeRosetti Marino2021P&IDs update


Name of Project or Yard Number Customer Year Type of work
SDO/Surs naval unitCantieri Navali Vittoria2020Consulting – multidisciplinary design support during tender engineering
Fast Patrol VesselCantieri Navali Vittoria2020Tender multidisciplinary engineering
C.6299Fincantieri2020Structural detailed design
Prefeasibility LengtheningFincantieri2020Consulting – preliminary feasibility for a fast ferry lengthening
C.6312Fincantieri2020Development of structural classification drawings
M/Y Ulysses consultingManta Maritime2020Consulting – draught survey and weight survey
N/R Laura BassiOGS2020Retrofit multidisciplinary engineering
C.6319 – MSC LuxuryFincantieri2020NAPA model update and weight extraction
C.6308Fincantieri2020Detailed/production structural engineering (zone A)
C.6307 Fincantieri2020 Detailed/production structural engineering (zoneM-I)
C.6298Fincantieri2020 NAPA model update and weight extraction
MY PellegrinoMeccano Engineering2020Architectural concept design
MSC Divina Scrubber installationFincantieri2020Development of multidisciplinary retrofitting documentation for scrubber installation
Assistenza alla produzioneCantieri Vittoria2020Support to the yard technical deptfor detailed design documentation
C.6319 – MSC LuxuryFincantieri2020Development of structural classification drawings
C.6310 – SphereFincantieri2020NAPA model update, weight extraction and General Arrangement update
RSY 65m Exp (Orca) – Option DRosetti SuperYachts2020Multidisciplinary concept design
Seabourn Ventures Superstructures Detailed designMariotti2020Detailed/production structural engineering
Block Module Structural Analysis UpdateBaker Hughes2020Structural datailed analysis and reporting
Expedition cruise ship 25000 GTMeccano Engineering2020Multidisciplinary Concept Design study
QM2 – Boiler Feed WaterFincantieri USA2020Consulting – Design of the modification of boiler feed water system
C.6298Fincantieri2020Detailed/production structural engineering
Vard-2286Vard2020Multidisciplinary Basic Design development


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerYearType of work
C.6274 Cunard – NAPA model updateFincantieri2019NAPA model update and weight extraction
Carnival Sunshine – Sprinkler As BuiltFincantieri Services USA2019Consulting – As Built Sprinkler System drawings development
C.6319 – MSC Luxury VentilationFincantieri2019Basic Design of Engine Room and Technical areas ventilation
C.6274 – CunardFincantieri2019Detailed/production structural engineering
RSY 45m EXPRosetti SuperYachts2019Development of architectural concept design
C.6319 – MSC LuxuryFincantieri2019Development of Main Scantling Plan and associeted documentation
M/Y 65 m EXPConfidential2019Multidisciplinary Feasibility Study and Exterior Design
S/Y 90 mPerini Navi2019Multidisciplinary Feasibility Study
Subsea Retrieval FrameRANA Diving2019Feasibility and Detail design of a TBM lifting frame
M/Y OdysseyFelham Enterprises       2019Structural and Fuctional consultancy for refitting
SLS 18062San Lorenzo2019Basic and Detail Structural Design documents update
C.6278Fincantieri2019Structural Detail Design
SY 111m C.2411Confidential2019Multidisciplinary Feasibility Study
Explorer Cruise Vessel 23000 GT    Mariotti2019Detail and Production Enineering of Hull Structures
MY 70mCRN2019Multidisciplinary Basic and Detail Design
SY 42m C.2399Perini Navi2019Multidisciplinary Basic and Detail Design


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerYearType of work
Windstar RefittingFincantieri2018Multidisciplinary basic design for ship lengthening
C.6274 – CunardFincantieri2018Structural Classification Drawings
Toulmount Field Development Basis Engineering2018WCR & Weight Control Procedure
Zabazaba FPSOBHGE2018Topside Modules Structural Feasibility
Cable Layer PrismanVard2018HVAC One Line Diagrams
Windstar RefittingFincantieri2018Feasibility for ship lengthening
WP Luxury FerryConfidential2018Concept Design
Block Module Structural Analysis UpdateBHGE2018Structural Calculation
C.6288 – Ripetuta VirginFincantieri2018Detailed Engineering
InterceptorGDF2018Basic Design
C.6306 – MSC EvoFincantieri2018Structural Classification Drawings
TEH TYRA – MAERSK LIVING QUARTERBasis Engineering2018WCR & Weight Control Procedure
MY 107/100 metersConfidential2018Concept Design
Silver Spirit RenderFincantieri2018Consultancy – Rendering and Animation
Gowanous Generating Station – Power BargeBHGE2018Feasibility Study
SY 42 m 2371 – Perini naviPerini Navi2018Basic and detail Design
SY 47 m 2369 – Perini NaviPerini Navi2018Basic and detail Design
Vard 6 17 hvac basic design for accomodationVard2018HVAC Consultancy
Cruise Roma – ship lenghteningFincantieri2018Basic Design
Pontone URSUSAutorità Portuale (TS)2018Complete refitting design of hull and crane foundation
Cruise Vessel 50.000 GTConfidential2018Concept Design


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDeliveryType of work
M/Y The WellesleyChief officer Daniel King2017Owner Consultancy
GEOG_BlockBaker Hughes2017Consultancy – Sea Transportation Fatigue Calculation
MY 62 metri – San Lorenzo (ripetuta)San Lorenzo2017Basic Design and Detailed Engineering
Falcon Taxi 40SAFWA Marine2017Basic design for Dubai presentation
Falcon Taxi 18SAFWA Marine2017Basic design for Dubai presentation
Zuiderdam cracks repairFincantieri2017Structural Consultancy
0500405 Kashagan – TUCO buildingBHGE2017Structural Calculation
C.2239 Refitting Sailing Yacht – Saling Plan ModificationPerini Navi2017Refitting – Basic Design
SY 47 m – Perini NaviPerini Navi2017Basic Design
G-Adventure explorerConfidential2017Ship Owner Consultancy
REVVARD2017Giga Yacht – Consultancy
Offshore Patrol VesselConfidential2017Concept Design
Drilling barge HP1500Fincantieri Oil & Gas2017Concept Design
MSC SplendidaFincantieri2017Cruise Ship Refitting – Basic Design
Cruise RomaFincantieri2017RORO PAX Lenghtening – Feasibility Study
Polar Explorer Yard SupportVARD2017On site Electrical Consultancy
Silver Spirit – Ship LenghteningFincantieri2017Basic Design
Hapag Lloyd – HVAC consulenzaVARD2017Cruise Ship – HVAC Consultancy
Carnival VictoryFincantieri2017Cruise Ship Refitting Basic Design
HAL WesterdamFincantieri2017Cruise Ship Refitting Basic Design
C.6287 – Virgin Ex FunzionaliFincantieri2017Oufitting Design
Explorer Cruise VesselConfidential2017Feasibility Study
Ocean VictoryFincantieri2017Feasibility Study
Seadream Cruise Luxury VesselVARD2017Concept Design
Allungamento navi FinlinesFincantieri2017Basic Design
Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) 25 metersConfidential2017Feasibility Study


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
Wave Piercing VesselConfidentialDefenceConcept design2016
FB272 – MY 95 mBenettiYachtStructural Detailed Engineering2016
HIFOG Marioff ModuleMarioffOil&GasDetailed Engineering2016
Ponant – 10.000 GT Cruise VesselVardMarineBasic Design2016-2017
Unmanned VehicleConfidentialDefenceConcept – Basic and Detailed Engineering2016-2018
MA – RO/RO PaxConfidentialMarineRefitting Concept Design – Ship Lengthening2016
HIFOG Marioff Module GE FranceMarioffOil&GasDetailed Engineering2016
MY AltairDiego Della ValleYachtRefitting Concept Design2016
C.2025 – SY 53 m JasaliPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtBasic Design – Refitting2016
EPC Module Process OptimizationNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasConsultancy2016
HAL OosterdamFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2016
SS – Cruise VesselConfidentialMarineRefitting Concept Design – Ship Lengthening2016
C.6278 – Virgin 110.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineMain Routing Plan – Structural & Piping Detailed Eng.2016-2017


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
Blue DenimesFincantieri YachtsYachtConcept Design – Yacht Lengthening2015
Semisubmergible Pontoon ConversionFincantieriOil&GasConcept Design2015
MY Chopi ChopiTRSYachtBasic and Detailed Engineering – Project Management2015-2016
MY 88 m – Passenger YachtConfidentialYachtConcept Design2015
Carnival Splendor RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
C.6260 – LHDFincantieriDefenceMain Scantling Plan – Structural Classification Drawings2015-2017
Carnival Victory RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
Mini Pax 27 metriNavigazione Lago d’IseoMarineConcept Design – Owner Surveyors2015
C,6259 – LSSFincantieriDefenceStructural Scantling Plan2015-2017
CNG CarrierFincantieriOil&GasConcept Design2015
Maple Leaf LNG Compressor ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasStructural Feasibility Study2015
C.6255 – PolarFincantieriMarineStructural Detailed Engineering2015
HAL Nieuw Amsterdam RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
HAL Eurodam RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
MY 142 mConfidentialYachtStructural 3D model2015
Fast Patrol Boat 38 mConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
Diving Support VesselConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
NGMV 60 mConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
Ptrol Vessel 1500 tonsConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
Patrol Vessel 600 tonsConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2015
MSC MusicaFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
Mine HunterFincantieriDefenceConcept Design2015
HAL – Zuiderdam RefittingFincantieriMarineRefitting Feasibility Study2015
C.6256 – MSC 154.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineStructural Classification Drawings2015
MSC MusicaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design2015


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerDepartmentType of workDelivery
C.2239 – Perini NaviPerini Navi / Viareggio ItalyYachtSailing Yacht Keel Design and Detailed Engineering2014
Patrol Boat 42 mEffebiDefenceConcept Design2014
Fst Patrol VesselConfidentialDefenceConcept Design2014
Corvette QatarFincantieriDefenceConcept Design2014
Corvette Bani YasFincantieriDefenceConcept Design2014
Pacific LNG – Lelu IslandNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasStructural Feasibility Study2014
C.6250 – 54.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineBasic Design Ventilation Plan – Structural Detailed Eng.2014
ZADCO GTG ModuleNuovo Pignone – GEOil&GasStructural and Piping Detailed Engineering2014
C.6251 – Seaburn 40.000 GT Cruise VesselFincantieriMarineMain Scantling Plan and Structural Classification Drawings2014
MSC OperaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design – Ship Lengthening2014
MSC SinfoniaFincantieriMarineRefitting Basic Design – Ship Lengthening2014