Nord Est Engineering

Meccano Engineering is part of a large consortium of Design Companies called Nord Est Engineering.
All the companies participating to this Consortium are located very close to Meccano Engineering Head Quarters. With the support of Nord Est Engineering, Meccano is able to develop very large and complex projects with an engineering capability of more than 240.000 hours/year.

Polo Offshore

Meccano Engineering is part of “Polo Offshore”, association of highly qualified and specialized companies providing comprehensive construction and design services to the offshore market. “Polo Offshore” capabilities cover all the phases of the product life cycle, from concept design to construction to operational management.
The following companies are included in the association: Fincantieri, Meccano Engineering, Goriziane, NavalIimpianti, Drillmec, Imesa, Iren, Rosetti Marino, Aqua Engineering, NavalProgetti, Remazel and Mios.

Cergol Engineering Consultancy S.r.L.

Cergol Engineering has been a consolidated partner of Meccano Engineering for more than 15 years, providing high-level services in Noise&Vibration analysis and Structural numerical analysis. Cergol Engineering is located within Meccano Engineering’s offices in Trieste. This allows for close cooperation in various fields of Meccano Engineering activities.

Trieste Refitting System – TRS

Meccano Engineering is part of TRS (Trieste Refitting System), a network of Trieste based companies, specialized in Yachts Refitting.
TRS network is able to offer a turn-key refitting package for Mega Yachts, from the concept design up to the delivery of the refitted Yacht.
Within TRS, Meccano Engineering is in charge of Engineering and Project Management.