28 Sept / 01 October 2022


As usual Meccano Engineering will be exhibiting at Monaco Yacht Show in September. Our company will partecipate to this event togheter with TRS ( Trieste Refitting System ).

06/09 September 2022


Meccano Engineering exhibiting at SMM HAMBURG

M/Y Pellegrino 35m

The new concept Design by Meccano Engineering is ready to be unveiled. 

Inspired by Nature, the exterior design of the M/Y Pellegrino is a stylistic representation of one of the most evoked animals in history: Peregrine Falcon. 

This new design is a mix of both engineering and creativity, coexisting and developed under the expert supervision of our engineering team.

Large and luxurious living spaces for the 10 guests in this 35m long motor yacht, reaching more than 30 knots of top speed. 

N/R Laura Bassi Refitting Project

N/R Laura Bassi (formerly Polar Queen and RRS Ernest Shackleton) is an icebreaking research vessel built in 1995 in Norway. In 2019 she has been acquired by the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) and is now starting an important refitting in Trieste.

The refitting foresees the replacement of many under keel sensors and transmitters supplied by Kongsberg, with the consequent substitution of some 30 tonnes of steel of the bottom blister. The scope will also include the installation of cable routing pipes from the bottom sensor’ casings to the control rooms and the layout update of the Laboratory room.

The refitting works will be carried out by Fincantieri, under the surveillance of RINa, and Meccano Engineering is proud to have been selected by OGS as a trusted partner for the supply of the engineering services for this refitting. Since December 2020 we have put in place a highly experienced multidisciplinary engineering team (Structure, Machinery, Electrical, Outfitting), supporting the project on multiple levels, working along side and coordinating all parties involved (OGS, Fincantieri, RINa, Kongsberg). As it is the case for all modifications on operating vessels, time was of the essence and we worked hard to successfully deliver high quality design within a challenging time frame.

The team will be supporting the project also during construction, up to ship delivery planned for the end of May 2021.       

Thanks to OGS for the opportunity!

Research Project on Process and Organization Innovation

Make the design process always safer, more efficient and smarter is our goal at Meccano Engineering.

That’s why winning the FVG tender of research project on process and organization innovation was a great opportunity to pursuing our ideas.

The project will consist of two parts. The first is represented by the creation of a company database, gathering the huge quantity of information on various kind of ships, which will lead our decisions on new projects and will allow a statistic approach to concept design.

The second part foresees the introduction of Napa Designer and Napa Drafting in the development of structural design, to achieve a quick and reliable integration between 3D model and 2D output.

Naval Architectural Consulting

Our experienced Naval Architects provide site support and consultancy for lightship surveys and inclining experiments on ships and yachts of any kind, with a large track record of such services over the last 15 years.

Here we successfully organised and managed the lightship survey for the 116m M/Y Ulysses while she was docking in Trieste. Thanks to Manta Maritime for the opportunity and the crew for the proactive collaboration!

Progetto “Produzione di programmi pluriennali all’estero”

Progetto di Rete “TRS – Trieste Refitting System”

Windstar Ships lenghtening success

This is great picture to see after many months of collaboration with Fincantieri for the engineering development of the project.

Meccano Engineering’s team has successfully delivered the multidisciplinary design of the added block and the integration of the same with the exsisting ship. Structures, piping systems, ventilation, safety, outfitting, stability and naval architecture in general, as well as high level consultancy and site support.

Challenging project, the success of which set one additional milestone to the Company large track record of major refitting projects!

ATENA Autonomous Ship Conference

Thanks to ATENA_FVG (Associazione Tecnica Navale Italiana – Friuli Venezia Giulia) to have organized the Conference on: “Autonomous Ship: which is the future?”

Invited as speakers at the Conference, we have presented SAND, a Surface Autonomous Naval Drone, designed and built by the RTI Effebi-Meccano Engineering-IDS.

Meccano Engineering, has operated as Platform Design Authority, providing requirement definitions, feasibility studies, platform design and engineering, planning activities and the integration of systems and components provided by the other Partners and/or other suppliers.