Reference lists


Name of Project or Yard NumberCustomerYearType of work
Windstar RefittingFincantieri2018Multidisciplinary basic design for ship lengthening
C.6274 – CunardFincantieri2018Structural Classification Drawings
Toulmount Field Development Basis Engineering2018WCR & Weight Control Procedure
Zabazaba FPSOBHGE2018Topside Modules Structural Feasibility
Cable Layer PrismanVard2018HVAC One Line Diagrams
Windstar RefittingFincantieri2018Feasibility for ship lengthening
WP Luxury FerryConfidential2018Concept Design
Block Module Structural Analysis UpdateBHGE2018Structural Calculation
C.6288 – Ripetuta VirginFincantieri2018Detailed Engineering
InterceptorGDF2018Basic Design
C.6306 – MSC EvoFincantieri2018Structural Classification Drawings
TEH TYRA – MAERSK LIVING QUARTERBasis Engineering2018WCR & Weight Control Procedure
MY 107/100 metersConfidential2018Concept Design
Silver Spirit RenderFincantieri2018Consultancy – Rendering and Animation
Gowanous Generating Station – Power BargeBHGE2018Feasibility Study
SY 42 m 2371 – Perini naviPerini Navi2018Basic and detail Design
SY 47 m 2369 – Perini NaviPerini Navi2018Basic and detail Design
Vard 6 17 hvac basic design for accomodationVard2018HVAC Consultancy
Cruise Roma – ship lenghteningFincantieri2018Basic Design
Pontone URSUSAutorità Portuale (TS)2018Complete refitting design of hull and crane foundation
Cruise Vessel 50.000 GTConfidential2018Concept Design