N/R Laura Bassi Refitting Project

N/R Laura Bassi (formerly Polar Queen and RRS Ernest Shackleton) is an icebreaking research vessel built in 1995 in Norway. In 2019 she has been acquired by the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) and is now starting an important refitting in Trieste.

The refitting foresees the replacement of many under keel sensors and transmitters supplied by Kongsberg, with the consequent substitution of some 30 tonnes of steel of the bottom blister. The scope will also include the installation of cable routing pipes from the bottom sensor’ casings to the control rooms and the layout update of the Laboratory room.

The refitting works will be carried out by Fincantieri, under the surveillance of RINa, and Meccano Engineering is proud to have been selected by OGS as a trusted partner for the supply of the engineering services for this refitting. Since December 2020 we have put in place a highly experienced multidisciplinary engineering team (Structure, Machinery, Electrical, Outfitting), supporting the project on multiple levels, working along side and coordinating all parties involved (OGS, Fincantieri, RINa, Kongsberg). As it is the case for all modifications on operating vessels, time was of the essence and we worked hard to successfully deliver high quality design within a challenging time frame.

The team will be supporting the project also during construction, up to ship delivery planned for the end of May 2021.       

Thanks to OGS for the opportunity!