12 October 2023


Design for sustainability: a powerful catalyst for change.

In an era of environmental consciousness, we also believe that the role of design in shaping a sustainable future is crucial.

By prioritizing eco-friendly materials, integrating renewable energy solutions, and innovating design, we can contribute to maximize positive change and foster a greener future.

This is the scenario within which we have conceived and developed our brand-new full electric propulsion vessel for river cruises in the name of sustainability.

Designed for the Municipality of Turin, within its plan to relaunch the Po river navigation, this light alloy vessel features an overall length of 16.5 metres and a max width of 5.6 metres. It will accommodate 38 passengers (plus one with reduced mobility) and two crew members. At full load, it is intended to reach a maximum speed of 9 knots and a cruising speed of 8 knots.

The sophisticated  design and chromatic features are clearly inspired by the legendary ingot shaped chocolates from Turin, the Giandujotto. A modern futuristic design enabling the vessel to pass under the four bridges along the established routes and allowing the passengers to admire all the beauties of the city.

This innovative vessel can be equipped with smart equipment, which collect data and information on the quality of the water and the river environment during the navigation, allowing passengers to live a truly immersive experience on the river, both tourist and scientific.

The Municipality of Turin has explained that the “river system”, consisting of the River Center, the moorings, the dock and the new boats, will represent a real Living Lab along the river: an ideal place for experimentation and innovation on issues related to climate change, ecological transition and water resources as a whole. A system that will be made available to research bodies, universities, associations and private entities to experiment with technologies and applications related to the sustainability of the river ecosystem.

Our special thanks goes to the whole equipe of Municipality of Torino who trusted our work and chose our company to design this feasibility project and be part of this remarkable call to tender.